LED head lamp 1030lm adjustable

[500023] HL23

Technical specifications

- Adjustable and rechargeable LED headlight.
- Micro-USB cable included.
- Adjustable focus.
- 5 lighting modes: TURBO, HIGH, AVERAGE, LOW and 3Hz FLASH.
- Max luminous flux: 1030lm.
- Red signaling light on the back of the elastic headband with two lighting modes: Red Light on and 2Hz FLASH.
- LiPo battery pack included: 3.8V 2850mAh.
- It can be power by 4 AA disposable 1.5V alkaline batteries or 4 AA 1.2V Ni-MHbatteries.
- Protection Grade: IP66.
- Lamp dimensions: 61x70x63mm.
- Battery case dimensions: 79x76x40mm.
- Weight: about 292g (battery pack excluded).

EAN code: 8059174951139

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