Privacy Policy

AlcaPower and its corporate affiliates and subsidiaries around the are sensitive to issues of privacy on the Internet.

AlcaPower provides this policy so that users will know how AlcaPower treats the information it receives from users of this site, including what information is gathered, how it is used, and with whom it is shared.
If a user does not agree with this policy and does not consent to the use of information as described in this policy, the user should leave the site immediately.

As with most sites, users may visit the site without telling AlcaPower their identity or revealing any personally identifying information.
AlcaPower does collect information concerning the total number of visits, the total amount of time spent on the site, and the pages viewed, without collecting any other information concerning the user.
This information is aggregated so that AlcaPower can determine how the site is being used and how it may be improved.

Electronic mail addresses and other personally identifying information of users, which would include, among other things, name, address, and telephone number, are known by AlcaPower only when voluntarily provided by users who participate in interactive activities on the site.
Users should have permission before disclosing any personally identifying information of other persons, such as spouses or work colleagues, and AlcaPower assumes that users disclosing such information have the necessary permission to do so.
From time to time, AlcaPower may use other sources to confirm the accuracy of the information provided by users on this site.

Personally identifying information disclosed at this site is not sold, transferred, or otherwise disclosed outside AlcaPower, except where such disclosure may be required by law or as expressly described below.
Unless a user is told otherwise at the time that the personally identifying information is disclosed, such information is retained by AlcaPower and may be used:

  1. to understand better the use of the site and how it may be improved;
  2. to award sweepstakes and contest prizes;
  3. to respond to specific requests or inquiries made by users;
  4. to obtain parental consent from users under the age of 18, where that may be necessary;
  5. to provide notices to parents of users under the age of 18, where that may be necessary;
  6. to protect the security and integrity of the site;
  7. for product registration and warranty purposes, including any follow-on customer satisfaction surveys or market research activities;
  8. to process applications for employment;
  9. to send notices and solicitations concerning the site and the businesses of AlcaPower, including activities involving AlcaPower business partners;
  10. in connection with the sale, merger, or reorganization of AlcaPower businesses or the acquisition of other businesses by AlcaPower;
  11. to promote and market AlcaPower products to users.

The use may involve mailings via postal services or other couriers, telephone calls, electronic mail solicitations, or other methods of contact.
The use may also involve disclosure to third parties assisting AlcaPower in its use of this information, such as financial institutions, processing and fulfillment services, shipping companies, postal and courier services, and government authorities such as Customs.

If a user does not want AlcaPower to use or to disclose in these ways personally identifying information that the user has already provided at this site, the user should notify AlcaPower, and the personally identifying information will no longer be used or disclosed by AlcaPower for these purposes.
A user may be required at that time to provide additional data necessary to verify the user's identity and to respond to the user's request. AlcaPower will take any necessary action within a reasonable time.

Users under the age of 18 should not disclose any personally identifying information or otherwise provide information on the site without the consent of a parent or legal guardian.
Parents and legal guardians should supervise the activities of users under the age of 18 on the Internet and consider the use of parental control tools available from online services and software providers that help to promote a safer environment for them on the Internet.

This site does not currently use "cookies", which are tiny elements of data that a site can send to a user's browser and then stored on the user's hard drive to recognize the user on any return visit to the site.
Users may be able to configure their browsers to notify them when they receive cookies.
If AlcaPower decides to conduct any on-line surveys at this site, the survey itself will specify how AlcaPower will use the information collected.

AlcaPower Distribuzione Srl is a registered company on Italian Chamber of Commerce , Milano Branch -Italy-