AlcaPower Distribuzione S.r.l.

Who we are

AlcaPower is one of the World's Online Site and traditional network, created to sale of goods and services to very well reputed dealers, distributors and small businesses companies.
AlcaPower is a rapidly growing, global, diversified, market-driven consumer products company.


Total quality, offering products at effective cost, for long-life, in the global market and in any case customer satisfaction is our high priority.


All items, devices and appliances are engineered for the very best performances to provide many years of trouble-free service, featuring a unique tool-free assembly and are backed by an unconditional, no-questions-asked warranty.


Portable Energy Solutions: New 1,5 Volt Rechargeable Alkaline Battery, Standard Size Batteries and Accumulators easy or hard to find, Solar Panels, Ham & CB accessories, DC/AC Inverters + DC/DC Voltage Reducers , Step-up Converters , Mobile & Home electronic appliances for Computers, Automotive, Outdoor and Security Appliances.


Products are designed by our R & D department, tested in Italy by our QC & QA department.
Manufacturing completely complies to the world Standards of Precision under Quality Systems and Quality Assurance which meets ISO 9001.


AlcaPower is organized to comply with the growing requirements of the global marketplace, much of the annual Turnover is delivered exporting, anywhere.


We will strengthen our brands and generate growth through emphasis on brand strategy/marketing and innovative product technology, design and packaging.